You are having the time of your life!!!

It is your birthday bash. Or your graduation. Your much awaited promotion. Your first kiss. Etc. etc. I believe every one has one (or many). Yep.. your unforgettable super happy experience/s. You wish that time would just stand still and stay in a suspended state of infiinite nirvana.

Had it occurred to you that deep in the back of your head as you were experiencing those blissful moments, there is this voice saying that this will come to pass. That this moment is but short-lived. This too will just become a memory. A mere memory. And after this, you will return to your old pathetic life.

I call this syndrome the “Kill Joy Voice”. Gahd, how I hate it! Hate it! Hate it!

This often occurs to me. Sometimes it scares me to the point I think I may be schizophrenic or something. Haha!! The KJV syndrome is like a reality check. You are having an all time high and this damn voice all of a sudden jolts you back to reality saying “Hey, this will end soon so don’t enjoy it!”

Lately, while I was in a chronic condition of KJV syndrome, I heard one conversation over TV. One girl says,

“… I keep on missing old memories. Reminiscing and missing. What I have not realized that in the process, I am missing the present.”

Well, that made my KJV shut up.

KJV syndrome is a deadly disease. It dissolves away the value of the moment. Instead of savoring the flight of your big red balloon, it acts like a pin that will pop it.

KJV may lead to depression. Instead of cherishing the moment and letting it uplift you, your spirit is dampened leading to apathy.

And most of all… KJV destroys the NOW.

NOW is a gift that is why it is called the PRESENT (a gazillion text messages told me that). Indeed, the present moment is a gift. It may be fleeting, but it is ALL WE HAVE.

How the hell can you live the moment if you are preoccupied listening to the damn KJ voice in your head!?! NEVER miss the present as the consequence is a regretful recollection.

Yesterday is done. Tomorrow is uncertain. At present, we have NOW. Nothing else exists.

Today is your birthday. Your graduation. Your first kiss. Live it to relive it.

Thank God for NOW. Thank God for television.