Seems like our daily financial budget for things becomes leaner and leaner.

And indeed when it rains, it pours! Notice those times when your budget is already stretched to the limit, more concerns that needs you to spend just pop up.   Like the increase of every available service in the Philippines for example. And you have no choice but to further stretch your already measly income. Your skills of budgeting and saving and making containers of baby powder as piggy banks are being put to the acid test. There are also times that the only thing left in your purse is your exact fare for that jeepney ride home. Truly, these are trying times.

Here are the top 5 things that drains the purse of the everyday Pinoy worker.

1. Transportation fare –  My earliest remembrance of the minimum jeepney fare was PhP 1.50. That time, I can still afford to pay for my companion’s fare when we are commuting. At present, it has soared to PhP 8.00. Sa tingen mo ba makakapanlibre ka pa?  Tricycle fare is at present PhP 6.00. FX operators have  increased all its original fares  by PhP 5.00. Hmmm… Perhaps walkaton will be the next big sport.

For those who have the wheels… When was the last time you had your tank full? Gahd! Even the gas tank experiences a diet.

2. Food –  Cheapest rice to date = PhP 18.50 per kilo. This is NFA rice with the quality of which, they say, is comparable to animal feed.  Rice satisfactory to the human senses = PhP 35.00 per kilo. Which will you consider when buying rice? A. The palate  B. Rumbling stomach C. Rumbling stomach while waiting in loooooong lines to get rice.  D.  Rumbling stomach while waiting in line to get rice with your already lean purse. F. All of the above. G. Wala sa mga nabanggit.

For those who often eat out… Expect a PhP 5.00 to PhP 15.00 increase in your daily canteen/cafeteria/fast food meal. Now that’s motivation to start that long-planned diet.

For those who attempt to do the groceries….  I wonder if you will be able to fill one grocery cart with  PhP 1000 cash to spend.  Hmmm… wag na lang tayo mag-cart.

3. Meralco – I do not blame Juday for justifying system loss being part of every Filipino’s electricity bill. Since she is a showbiz celeb na tumatabo ng milyon milyon sa takilya, I bet if she had ever experienced disconnection because she missed paying the bill.  And I wonder if she is ever affected with the soaring prices of rice, groceries, and the sardines which she endorses.

4. Medicine – Being sick nowadays is already considered a sin.  As one commercial stresses, “Bawal magkasakit.”  It is so darn true.  I feel for those families who are required to allot a big chunk of their budget to manage a medical condition. What is sad is that medicine cannot be compromised.  Sometimes the cheaper generic version is hard to find, or worse, unavailable in the market.

5. Cellphone Load/Bill – I use prepaid card to feed the diet of my ravenous cellphone. Cellphone communication is a given necessity. With my husband presently working overseas, need I say more

Seems like the fact of skyrocketing commodities and services will be here to stay and we should start to learn to cope with it.  The list is painful and inevitable.  Anything more to add to this pocket-draining list?