I went back to HK to fix some important papers. And each time I fly back here, there is a special feeling I am going home.

Me, my hubby, and our friend went to Disneyland last 29th of June. I stayed in HK this past summer, but Disneyland was never a part of my itinerary because of a tight budget.Fantasy gate

If it weren’t for our friend whose childhood dream perhaps was to go to Disneyland, we would not be deciding to spend 350 HKD (PhP 1946) (!!!!?!) a ticket to that darn place. Oh well, with a bite on the lip we just found ourselves buying the tickets and entering the land where they say, dreams are made of.

Upon entering that magical (still darn expensive) place and exploring the different themed areas, I had 3 cathartic experiences…

1. Being a kid is such a good feeling. – A feeling without the guilt. Indeed, it is a magical place where you can leave adult concerns behind. Who would not feel like a kid seeing Mickey Mouse and Cinderella prancing around the corner. You become part of their magical world once you had your pictures with them (Primary photo material sa friendster! Bwahahaha!) So nice being a kid and not a care in the world. Where the only reality are fairy tales. Everyone you meet is as kind and pleasant as Sleeping Beauty and Donald Duck. Where stories have happy endings and good guys always win. Disney cartoon has always been part of my childhood and captured my imagination (Well, who aint! ).

Donald, Daisy and Me2. Rain is not a deterrent. – It rained hard for around 30 min that morning when we arrived. But people still pressed on with or without an umbrella. Some had bought raincoats, of course with the Disney logo on them. We brought our own umbrellas and were thankful that the rain stopped eventually. Gahd! I did not spend 350 HKD just to be drenched and stare at the castle all day.

3. Fantasy comes with a price – I was hesitant going there at first. But after exploring and watching the fireworks transform Sleeping Beauty’s castle into something like a Buena Vista logo, I can say the ticket was well spent indeed. The feeling was so magical with choreographed pyrotechnics at the background of the castle. “Unbelievable sights… indescribable feeling….”, aptly describe the fireworks show. Indeed, Disneyland transports you to a place of fantasy come to life.

Each attraction is so tourist friendly, complete with railings that organizes long lines and posted announcements as to the schedule of the activity. In comparison with a theme park in the Philippines (Hmmm… I think I need not to mention what it is. It is just somewhere in Laguna. Haha!), where you will spend half your day just to wait for your turn for a ride or a 3D show. Wait! Is it really a 3D show or is just the chair shaking until you puke.

It was a weekend that reawakened the kid in me.

OK.. so I admit…. I loved the darn place.

And I don’t feel so bad about the ticket price anymore.