pri·mi·grav·i·da (prm-grv-d)


A woman in her first pregnancy.

I just learned last week I am pregnant.

I am now on my 6th week. Confetti! Confetti!!! 🙂

It was a total surprise because I thought I had my period last week. But no siree… the doctor said it was already bleeding.

So this whole week what did I do?

I slept.

And slept.

And slept.

And yah, did I mention I slept?

I  just followed the doctor’s advise of a 1 week bedrest. This afternoon will be my 2nd checkup. Gahd! When I see her bed at the clinic with that stand where you have to rest your feet while you are lying down gives me shivers.

Let us pray that everything is now normal, dba mahal?