If you have been told by the doctor to stay at home and spend the hours lying in bed, what will you do?

Sitting, walking, and climbing the stairs are NOT allowed. And the worst in the list, no shopping. What could be worse huh? Gahd!

Some of my friends suggested reading or cross stitching. Sorry. Not interested. Both cause me headaches.

When you are tired of watching every known DVD available in the house, I think I would resort to what Sesame Street suggested when I was 5 years old — Use your imagination.

To aid me in this imagination endeavor, I need a little help of sound tripping here.

I wanna share one of my favorite songs from the Eraserheads (Get well soon, Ely). The song is “Fine Time”.  Although it wasn’t able to hit the airwaves as much as the other songs of Eraserheads did, I find the song creatively well written.

Listening to this song seemed to transport me to a forgotten place and time — when life was so simple and simple things bring the greatest of joys. It made me feel like a teenager in love for the first time.

It makes me miss my husband more.

For those who know the song…  birit na with the lyrics below! Or simply play the song.

Imagining doing all the stuff in the song is such fine time…

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