Yep… I am still confined at home as advised by my cruel doctor. I simply adore her during times when I peek outside and see how the sun shines, flowers bloom and birds sing while I am making a career collecting cobwebs over watching mind-numbing TV.

I therefore conclude this primigravida is desperate in looking for something worthwhile to do…

So I took my violin out of its old hiding place.

Gahd… I kinda felt guilty. It looked sad and all as it had sat there for almost 3 years untouched.  I prayed that molds did not attack my frail Cremona.

I anxiously opened the case, as if opening a coffin and expecting some rotting corpse. There it was.  Still in pretty good shape, I should say,  and molds haven’t feasted on its pegs just yet.  The body still has its luster of varnish and its color, golden brown.

I took violin lessons for a year (2004-2005), that time when I just finished my masters degree and rewarded myself with my childhood dream, that is playing a violin. I also had the luxury of time back then. But when I started teaching again, I barely touched my instrument along with my notes and pieces that I used to practice with.

Seeing again my violin brought back memories of my recital (May 2005) where I invited my suitor to attend. Thank God he doesn’t know anything about my piece and still applauded me although I screwed up so bad in my recital!  Or maybe he knew I really screwed up and applauded anyway, or else he would had not become my boyfriend! Haha! And that suitor became none other than the proud father of my baby right now 🙂

Glad to be reunited with an old friend...

Nostalgia had turned into inspiration!

I started cleaning my Cremona, looked for my old pieces, and started reviewing and practicing.

Today I just practiced for 2 hours and the tips of my fingers are painful already. My shoulder is sore. And I sound pathetic! Tell me what’s new! Wahaha!!!

I may sound degraded, but hey, I now have the luxury of time again. Maybe my old skills will come back eventually.

Or maybe…just maybe… as my baby hears me play, he/she will disregard my broken notes and can become the next virtuoso 😉