Finally, I was given the chance to leave the house and get some fresh air.

I went to the mall with my Mom and learned that the mall was on promo sale. Goodie! Goodie!

I was really dying to buy maternity clothes. Nothing fits me anymore! If I do try to put on my old shirts or pants, I would look like a mutated tadpole. And baby kinda complains inside, starting to squirm because of the tight fit.

So I went to the nearest maternity clothes stall and it was absolute heaven!!! I was able to purchase cute and casual blouses and pants.

In the same area was the baby clothes section. The tiny shirts, booties, mittens, caps, and colorful diapers were all overwhelmingly cute. The best part was they are all on sale!! Before, you can never drag me to the baby’s section. Now, I don’t want to leave the place.

My Mom, being the expert-in-everything that she is didn’t waste another minute and started picking out clothes for our much-awaited newborn. While I was checking out the displayed items, I noticed that more pregnant moms started to crowd the area, pulling out clothes from shelves, scrutinizing each item, interrogating the sales ladies for sizes and colors. For the first time, I was surrounded by around 10 very pregnant women with tummies waaay larger than mine and bodies like double or triple my weight. I felt uncomfortable at first, realizing the fact that I am now one of them. Do I really look that immense? Naaahh.. I don’t think so. Would you believe I still weigh less 120 lbs?

Anyway, I just squirmed my way out of the growing crowd of tummies and checked the pile of clothes my Mom decided to pick.  Too bad we are still guessing if my baby is a girl or boy. But nonetheless, buying him/her clothes is such a delight. Seeing the miniature apparel makes him/her more closer… real… tangible.

See how delightful my baby clothes are…

By the way… Daddy… I charged all these to your credit ok. Wehehehe 😉

I never thought his/her body could be this tiny...

Hindi naman masyado mahilig sa Disney ano?!