After being deprived of sunshine, shopping from malls,  a computer and  internet access, I had emerged from my 2nd trimester with my sanity intact.

I had learned and realized several things during the past 7 months ….

pregnant10.  Internet is a necessity.

9.    Blessed are thou who works and earns during pregnancy.

8.  Parenting is a never-ending responsibility.

7.  A 7-month fetus moves like an octopus catching a prey inside of you.

6.  Fantasizing about your baby is an exhilarating feeling.

5.  Being pregnant without your husband around is like living with a part of your body missing.

4.  Television is mind-numbing and fattening.

3.  Blessed are thou who had finished at least a single project of cross stitch.

2.  Coffee. So near, yet so far.

1.  A pregnant mother develops her maternal psyche and instincts as her child inside develops the basic of body parts.   Ergo,  the mother herself  is a fetus in the womb of Life.