I did not have a decent sleep last night. I guess it’s a hormonal thing for a primigravida on their 8th month.

I was actually light-headed when I squinted my way to our dining area. There I saw a package addressed to me. The sender…. duh…. her name didn’t ring a bell.

When I opened the package…. lo and behold! A dream came true right in front of my eyes….

Starbucks planner 2009

Starbucks Planner 2009

My God! I never thought a stranger by the name of Maver will send such pure bliss through the mail. Thanks to my oh so sweet husband (Mwah! Mwah!) who won Maver’s online “contest” to  get me this planner.

I have been collecting these prized organizers since 2005, the year Starbucks first came up with the idea. Since I am a primigravida deprived of coffee, I stopped my reveries of having the sought-after Starbucks Planner this year. I had totally accepted the fact that a toothless smile from a healthy baby is the trade off for saying NO to a cup of steaming Caramel Macchiato.


Let's take a peek...

Maver, you have no idea how much I am raving right now. As if you have treated me with 16 tall cups of my long lost Caramel Macchiatos. Belated happy birthday Gossip Gehl! May the Lord multiply your happiness and blessings ten-fold this new year.