one_fingerIt has been a year since I discovered blogging as a medium for my cluttered thoughts on life, love, megamouth sharks, and everything in between.

I realized how therapeutic and fun blogging was.  When I started, I thought that it would just be a boring routine. Meeting call center guy, call center gal, maver, josiet , cash cow, and the others had proven it otherwise.

My wish for my blog’s 1st anniversary is to meet more nice people like them. Mabuhay kayo!

For my year ender, I gave my site a makeover. Do you like it? 😉

Also, let’s try to review the year that was.  My top 3 most visited posts were:

3 – The Unweatherly Report. 112 views.

It just started with a simple ranting over the strong rain.  The next thing I knew, I was linked by Manuel L. Quezon III. Wow! I feel quite flattered.

2 – Simply Being Pinoy. 393 views.

I was in Hong Kong when I wrote this post.  I was kinda nostalgic of home.  I missed  my isaw days in Peyups and mom’s home cooked meals.

1 – And my top post is (Drum roll please…..)

A Pregnant’s Top 10 List with 2,300 views.

I never thought that there were so many pregnant women or people interested about pregnancy that they bothered checking out my site.  I wrote this post  last December when I was 7 months pregnant. I was so desperate of being online that time because I was deprived of my laptop for almost a month.  I felt like bursting out all my contained rants and raves.

Thank you so much for the people who believed in me and my posts.  (Sounds like an acceptance speech. Eeeuw!)

Sneak peak of what is to come on The Dusk Chronicles…

My participation in wifespeaks (Thanks, maver!) .


Updates on my Digital Coffee Cup…

A series on food trivias. FOOD SCIENCE 101.

and etc…

No more spoilers, ok.

As I always say, each dusk is a beginning.