Wifespeaks: Chika Tuesday WS#2

Libre naman ang mangarap diba? Hehe…

So I will make most of this opportunity and indulge myself with this list.

What will I do if I had won the lottery? Say, I bagged 180 million pesos (drool… drool)….

1.  Build our own house and put the right stuff in it. A 3-storey house with like, ahum… a gazillion rooms hehe… so that living space will never be an issue anymore.  A house with a complete theater system, with swimming pool and jacuzzi, a big room for a library, a complete set of kitchen, and a comfy master bed room with a breath taking  view (A beach front or the city landscape will do just fine).   You know, the type of houses you see in MTV Cribs, where they feature celebrity homes…. you get the picture…

2.  I will buy a family car. So that I can take my baby wherever and whenever! A Toyota Land Cruiser will do wahaha!!!

3.  I will have a new complete set of wardrobe! With accessories, bags, and shoes  to go with it, mind you.  From Donna Karan  to Esprit clothes.  Prada and Naturalizer shoes.  Braun Buffel leather bags.  Gahd! I feel tingly all over… wehehe.

4.  Tour the world!!! I dream of setting foot on the land of the pyramids,   have a pilgrimage in the Holy Land, hear mass at St. Peter’s Square, burn my skin in Bora Bora, dive the Great Barrier Reef, and  have a  helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon!  Can we go packing now?!

Ok…. So let me jolt myself back to reality now.

Perhaps some people already have or had done all these things.  But I always believed that the best things in life are still free.

Money can buy the husk, but never the kernel.