My Mahal and I are already married for more than a year.   Sad to say that most of that time was spent apart.  He has to work  in Hong Kong while I need to stay in the Philippines to teach.

I think the longest time we lived under one roof was 2 months.  That was summer of  2008.  We settled in a little flat in Hong Kong.  That house for me was special.  I considered it our first home.

When summer of 2008 was over,  I needed to return to Manila.  Little did we know that I was not alone when I left Hong Kong — baby was already with me 😉

Two bleeding episodes, 9 months of growing a bump, and a ceasearan section later, I returned to Hong Kong  just this May.  I was so thrilled of spending my 2-week vacation in our old flat.  I was so glad that my husband had meticulously maintained it in terms of cleanliness.  He is so much better in house cleaning than me.

And that was my last return to our old,  little,  sweet flat.

With my husband’s new job in Laguna, and baby who is already starting to coo and smile, my hubby and I decided to finally settle in the Philippines.

We were just newly weds when we first opened the door of our  flat.  Now we had closed  its door as parents to a cooing baby girl who had waited for us to come home together.

We just got home last 21st of May.  Together.  At long last.

A full circle.