Here is what is added to my vocabulary lately:

Quinsy (noun) – the abscess, or pocket of pus that develops around the tonsils when one has tonsilitis.

Gross?   Sorry.

I never thought that I already had Streptococcus bacteria as a pet down my tonsils that lead to my 3-day sick leave last week.

A curse? Not quite . I was actually happy by just staying at home and being with my toddler all day while I have co-amoxiclav antibiotic for dessert.

A blessing?  Seemed to be. Because I  was able to finish the grades of  180 students.

Lesson.  My doctor said to avoid eating sweets and forgetting to drink lots of water after eating such.  And also to refrain from eating cold foods.

Funny. I am craving for ice cream all of a sudden.