Ngong Ping 360. Hong Kong. May 2009. Sooo wish I could go back....

1. True friends are so few.

2. Kind strangers exist in public vehicles.

3. Never wear gold bracelets when commuting along EDSA and LRT/MRT stations.

4. You think you know a person.

5. Forgiving a person from the heart is the HARDEST thing. But once you do forgive, it is the most healing and liberating experience.

6. Love never gives up.

7. Joy is way different from happiness.

8. The purest form of joy is being with my daughter.

9. Sebastian Ice Cream is heaven on a cone.

10. The IPod is one of the many great inventions of man.

11. Teaching is not a job. It is a calling.

12. Your payslip is not equivalent to your worth.

13. Smile more often. And mean it.

14. Every dusk is like God’s painting on the canvass of sky being presented to us each day. It is a matter of us pausing and praising God how marvellous He is.

15. The sun is God’s face. That is why we cannot see it directly for too long for we are not worthy to see His face.

16. We only achieve it when we conceive it.

17. Procrastination is like cancer. And I so badly need a chemotherapy.

18. Travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

19. Being a wife is being humble (in all aspects).

20. You need to pray for the right person. He/She WILL come.

21. Sometimes, love is not enough to make a person happy and stay.

22. Caffeine is a vitamin.

23. Friends are like wine. They become better and better with age.

24. High school is way more memorable than college.

25. Sometimes, it is more important to be KIND than to be RIGHT.

26. Doing the laundry should be an Olympic sport.

27. My husband is the sexiest and smartest man I know, and will ever know.

28. My parents are the wisest people on the planet.

29. One should make every year of his life significantly different than the last.

30. When doing a favor for someone, be it little or great, never expect anything back. It is the true essence of giving.

31. Your health is your greatest asset.

32. Keep life pure and simple. It is the only way to contentment.