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It was an enormous crowd. Crowd of fear, doubt, uncertainty, and endless questions.

But when I heard about Jesus that blessed Sunday morning, that He was a healer and a deliverer, I elbowed my way through the crowd.

I heard of this Jesus once, or too many times. He was good. I knew Him well. But because of many things, both mundane and important, I kinda forgot who He really was. Or what He really meant to me.

I had suffered from flow of blood and even lost a life inside me. And perhaps, my heart kept on bleeding since. But when I heard of Jesus… that He is coming… that He was a healer… maybe… just maybe…

I rushed behind Him. No need to call His attention. No need for Him to know about me. I know He is preoccupied with so many things already.

I am now close… very close to Him. All I need is to touch the edge of His garment. Just a finger of a touch. That was all I need. And I know I will be all well.

Not minding the crushing crowd, I outstretch my arms to reach Him. Just a touch of His garment, of His power, of His love. It is all I need.

And then finally, I felt the end of his cloak…

My Boracay Top 10 List…

I spent my birthday in the crystal blue waters and fine white sands of  Boracay island.

I have been in that piece of paradise for the 3rd time. It just  makes me ponder what makes me go back there.  It’s like the blue waters calling me to return, the golden sunset on its horizon beckoning.  There is a certain magic I could not explain.  Well, just disregard the onset of pollution, that place is indeed a piece of heaven on earth.

I was blessed to have a friend working in Boracay so reservations to an affordable hotel was convenient for me and my husband.  She knows by heart the best places to hang out and eat in.  Itinerary for us therefore was a breeze. Love you mama Gil!!!

Here are my Bora Top 10…

10.  Sleep. Well,  sorry for disappointing  those who are blessed to have a complete 8-hr sleep.  For me and my husband who works during weekdays and have an adrenaline-saturated toddler bouncing up and down until  the wee hours of the morning, SLEEP is one thing we really did in Bora. And we thank God we replenished our energies by doing so.

9.  Stroll along the beach. Indeed,  our 3-day stay in Bora was quality time between me and my hubby.  We simply held hands (yiiiihaaaa…) and strolled along the beach during the late afternoon.   I tell you this is the cheapest thing you can ever do in Bora hahaha!  The whole stretch of the beach is around 5 kilometers long and is designated by names  Station 1 to Station 5.  The beach front is lined with all conceivable shops you can think of – isawan, henna tatooing, hair braiding,  spa and massage, boutiques, gift shops,  eateries, restaurants, hotels, Yellow Cab pizza(!), Havaianas sandals shop (!!), and even a Starbucks (!!!).  Simply strolling can satiate your senses!

8.  Swim. Swimming in the famous blue waters of Boracay is free, mind you. Dip in wherever, whenever.  TIP 1:  Avoid sun exposure from 10 am to 3pm. TIP 2: Try snorkeling and you might find Nemo.

7.  Bare some skin!!! If you plan to wear denim pants and a t-shirt when lurking around in Bora, I suggest you pack your bags and go somewhere else! Duh!  Consider wearing at least a tank top and shorts, my goodness!  I am not really a fan of tanks or shorts given my oh-so-sexy figure, but wearing light clothes is best especially in this kind of heat we are experiencing.  Some ladies, both eligible and non-eligible,  wear their 2-piece bikinis clad with a thin over garment and they look cool and appropriate.  Also, if you plan to wear that swim suit or bikini during your swim, go and indulge baby! Dedma!

6.  Have a tan. If you don’t have a tan, even just a teensy weensy bit, you have not been to Bora.  Remember people, a tan is different from a sunburn.  And besides,  having a tan is free hehe!  Don’t forget your SPF 30’s.

5.  Try Hawaiian Barbeque. This is  a rather small restaurant  near the beachfront site at Station 1.   I highly recommend their specialty Baby Back Ribs.  Although moderately priced, the sumptuous meal while overlooking the beautiful beach as you dine is well worth every penny.  TIP:  If you want to have lunch or dinner here, come early so that you can save a table.  This place is so yummy, it is always jam packed with diners!

4. Try Jonah’s Fruit Shake. If you still have the energy, walk to Station 1 and look for Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar.  It boasts the best fruit shake in the island.  I have tried fruit shakes in my life but this is the first time I was forced to choose from their line of 30 different flavors!  All sounds yummy to me, but I tried  Banana Melon.   TIP:  Don’t drink one when  you are already full.  They have quite a serving.

Better than blowing a birthday cake...

3.  Try a lobster. I admit I have never tasted lobster in my life until this summer haha!  My husband was craving for this, so we went to the Talipapa and bought a live lobster.  It is really expensive, especially when you want to buy it with their legs still wriggling in resistance – PhP 900 per 1/2 kilo!  It’s price will be slashed half when you buy an already dead one.  But crustaceans are more flavorful when cooked live, so we indulged.  By the way, it was my birthday dinner when had it anyway, hehe.  Near the talipapa is a dampa-type restaurant, where you will give your purchased ingredients for them to cook it  any way you like.  It was the best seafood trip ever!!!  We had it steamed and sauteed in butter and garlic. Drool, drool…

Ride with the wind

2.  Sail. Ride on one these boats before the sun sets.  Savor the crisp salty air as you sail.  The ride will last for an hour and Kuya the sailor will let you marvel at the whole stretch of the beachfront.  I swear, that one-hour sail was the most peaceful feeling I ever had for a long, long time. I felt all stress melting away

Simply God's masterpiece everyday...

1.  Witness the dusk with a loved one. Need I say more.