Category: Poetry


In the emptiness of hours,

you fill me.

Your kicks,

your hiccups

entertain my weary head

in this too large bed

for your Dad is still on his way home.

Minutes tick away

so slow, yet so fast.

You dwell unseen yet  strongly felt

just like your Dad.

The moon is as full as my belly.

Days empty as starless nights.


for us three

to be home.

Laguna, Philippines. 2 January 2009. 10:40 am.


The raindrops glistened

RainshineIn the rays of the sun.

Gray clouds roll

In the turquoise sky.

The sun’s glow trickled with the drizzle

Sun and rain

Danced in the afternoon.


My departing

From the warmth of your bed

To walk back on that puddled road

Makes rainbows

Form bands of black and gray.


My heart

Empty as that suitcase,

Gaped open like my palm

Yearning for your hand.


Torn between staying and leaving

My soul is like being drenched in the raining sunshine.

Parched in the downpour

But beaming in the overcast.


Under the disconcerted skies,

Let me feel the moist of sunrays

In your every kiss

And shower me the luminance of raindrops

Gleaming from your eyes.


Promise me

To clear the skies upon my return.

For my soul is weary of being soaked

Of its indiscretion.

At our flat. 5 Jul 2008. 11:15am.