Her Child would change the world...

My husband will be flying back to Manila on the 20th of December to spend the holidays.  It will be our first Yuletide as husband and wife and, of course, with our little angel still bundled inside me.

Gahd… I haven’t seen him for the past 7 months.  I really miss (!!!!!!!!) him.

I need some prepping up to do. I guess my blog can be for starters (No, it’s not dandruff. That is snow you see. I finally learned how to turn it on in the Settings haha!).

And for sure many of us  are  already busy with Christmas parties left and right, the mile-long grocery list for the Noche Buena (Christmas Dinner), kilometer-long gift list, house to clean, what clothes to wear, etc…

My Christmas wish for us all – That we may NEVER forget the true reason for the season.