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A Christmas Poem




For us who always want more

but care for less,

who dream of  a peaceful Christmas

but wrap our lives with pressure and distress;


For us who love people at a distance

but turn away when they draw near,

who delight in fickle comfort

and tremble at the slightest fear;


For us whose vacant eyes stare at idiot boards

that we mistake for faces and significant events,

For us who plunder giant malls and bargain stores

to scavenge for pleasure and fashionable scents;


For us, yes for us, Jesus was born,

the God whose words we cannot fail to miss:

“Come to me all you who labor and heavily burdened

And I will give you rest.

For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.”


From a Christmas card I received last year.

The cathartic experience of reading this poem lived on in my heart to this day.


10. Colored lights lit up even in the smallest of shanties along the busy streets of Metro Manila.  Parols and lighted decors  just make you feel all warm inside.

9. Cold weather felt.  So, you look for that old jacket or sweater you have kept all year.

8. Gifts wrapped in fancy papers. Sometimes the wrapper is much more expensive than the item being wrapped

7. Christmas parties left and right, despite of any crisis or typhoon or flood or long list of credit card bills.

6. You always forget the name of your inaanak (god children). (Every year, that is)

5. You  tend to run out of gift ideas.

4. You never, ever pass up a tiangge (sale stalls)

3. You set up your Christmas tree.  Without adding any new decor to it.  Haha!

2. You try to remember your present body weight.  So that you can compare it after the holidays.

1. Your Christmas wish list just gets longer and longer every year….