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A Pregnant’s Top 10 List…

After being deprived of sunshine, shopping from malls,  a computer and  internet access, I had emerged from my 2nd trimester with my sanity intact.

I had learned and realized several things during the past 7 months ….

pregnant10.  Internet is a necessity.

9.    Blessed are thou who works and earns during pregnancy.

8.  Parenting is a never-ending responsibility.

7.  A 7-month fetus moves like an octopus catching a prey inside of you.

6.  Fantasizing about your baby is an exhilarating feeling.

5.  Being pregnant without your husband around is like living with a part of your body missing.

4.  Television is mind-numbing and fattening.

3.  Blessed are thou who had finished at least a single project of cross stitch.

2.  Coffee. So near, yet so far.

1.  A pregnant mother develops her maternal psyche and instincts as her child inside develops the basic of body parts.   Ergo,  the mother herself  is a fetus in the womb of Life.

Endless Pause…

It’s been quite a while since I last visited my blog.

Dear God! Where will I start the explaining?

I was hospitalized Aug 1 – 5. And after 3 days at home, I was admitted again and stayed in the hospital, this time quite longer, from Aug 9-15.

It was really a roller coaster of an experience for me, but not of a thrilling and entertaining kind.

I experienced strong bleeding and was diagnosed as threatened abortion that’s why I need to stay in the hospital with all the IV running through my veins.  Sitting and standing to go to the rest room is not an option for my bleeding cervix easily aggravated by the the most minute of movements.

My husband is there crowding my cellphone’s message inbox. My mom became an instant caregiver. My friends also visited.  Such blessings.

And as for my tiny uterus tenant of 11 weeks, yes, he/she is fine. That is perhaps my greatest and sweetest consolation.

Several nights at the hospital did I ponder what is really happening. Now released from the hospital, still I am pondering  the fact that I am not allowed to walk or stand or even sit for long hours.

Matigas lang ang mukha ko na umuupo ako para humarap sa laptop.

Feeling somewhat like a prisoner of my own room, I thought, is this what I signed up for?

Frankly, I feel miserable.  And hopeful. And anxious. And thankful.

This inexplicable cocktail of feelings is perhaps caused by the storm of hormones raging in me. And perhaps, one of the side effects of continuous intake of dydrogesterone tablets.

Friends, readers… this primigravida needs all the moral support she can get. Thanks.