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I think I am already immune to paracetamol.

So I resorted to one analgesic that I am sure I will never be immune to.



After 9 months of coffee deprivation, I deserve an iced Caramel Macchiato. Venti size take note.

I feel all my aches and pains dissolve in its vanilla caramel goodness….

Hoorah for my first Starbucks treat after my C-section!  Aside from the healing powers of caffeine,  the ambience soothed my yearning heart as well.  I took this cup of bliss from the Starbucks where I first met my husband.

A toast to us my Mahal!

Welcome to the Cesarean Club!

It has been exactly a month and 5 days since I had lain on an operating room and zipped open to get my pretty baby from my abdomen.

Ok… ok… say that I am morbid… but I am telling you, the recovery from a C-section delivery is NOT a pleasant experience.  My definition of PAIN was radically changed.

As I had mentioned,  it has been over a month and never did a day pass that I haven’t felt some form of pain or discomfort on the area of my stitches or at my lower back where I got my epidural.  Gahd!! I am telling you the pain is sheer agony at my lower back each time I try to bend over.  I feel my body breaking in two.paracetamol

My OB-GYNE says the pain should be anticipated.  I am allergic to mefenamic acid, so she prescribes me a mild analgesic-  paracetamol every 4 hrs or as needed.  I think “mild” analgesic is an understatement!!! I am watching the clock like crazy as to when I can pop my next tablet of paracetamol to rid me of this damn pain.  I guess I am the type of person that is tolerant of pain.  But being given a daily dose of pain for over a month is beyond my frail tender body can handle.

Aside from my litany of pain, I experience weird mood swings.  I feel bored as minutes tick away. I sometimes lose appetite.  I want to go out, but rather stay at home and be in my pajamas all day.  I even cry over the lamest soap opera on TV.  I also cry and laugh at the same time when I watch my baby sleeping at night.  Gahd!!!!! Am I going mad?!

I had scoured the internet regarding C-section post partum, but I was quite disappointed.  Everything sounded like textbooks preaching the do’s and dont’s.  Some sites are even threatening, citing that 50-75% of new mothers are affected by some form of depression, with mothers who had c-section at higher risk.  Duh?!  Great! Exactly what I wanted to hear to cheer my little heart.  The sites even had categorized such depressions.  The mild condition is called  “baby blues”;  the moderate form, “postpartum depression”; and the severe type “postpartum psychosis”.   Hmmm… where does my sanity lie on those categories?

I don’t like baby blues.  I like baby pink.

According to the cruel websites, postpartum lasts for 6 weeks.  Well, I am still 9 days short of ending my sweet dose of pain.

If you share my sentiments in any way… speak out…