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Dusk or Dawn

If you observe the colors of dawn, isn’t it quite similar with dusk?

The warm, mellow shades of yellow, gold, and orange as the sun stoops low.

If one looks at the picture, it is hard to tell whether it is dusk or dawn.

I think this is very similar on how we view life. Do we view life as a beginning or an ending of something.

Perhaps dusk and dawn are indeed twins, quite inseparable and connected in the cycle of seasons.

On my birthday, I see my life as a dawn.

How many times have I viewed my life in dusks?

I praise the Lord for He had gifted me a new dawn today.

59 days from now, I will give birth to my 2nd daughter.

Indeed, a glorious dawn is upon me and to the people who makes my life worth living.

It was an enormous crowd. Crowd of fear, doubt, uncertainty, and endless questions.

But when I heard about Jesus that blessed Sunday morning, that He was a healer and a deliverer, I elbowed my way through the crowd.

I heard of this Jesus once, or too many times. He was good. I knew Him well. But because of many things, both mundane and important, I kinda forgot who He really was. Or what He really meant to me.

I had suffered from flow of blood and even lost a life inside me. And perhaps, my heart kept on bleeding since. But when I heard of Jesus… that He is coming… that He was a healer… maybe… just maybe…

I rushed behind Him. No need to call His attention. No need for Him to know about me. I know He is preoccupied with so many things already.

I am now close… very close to Him. All I need is to touch the edge of His garment. Just a finger of a touch. That was all I need. And I know I will be all well.

Not minding the crushing crowd, I outstretch my arms to reach Him. Just a touch of His garment, of His power, of His love. It is all I need.

And then finally, I felt the end of his cloak…