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In the emptiness of hours,

you fill me.

Your kicks,

your hiccups

entertain my weary head

in this too large bed

for your Dad is still on his way home.

Minutes tick away

so slow, yet so fast.

You dwell unseen yet  strongly felt

just like your Dad.

The moon is as full as my belly.

Days empty as starless nights.


for us three

to be home.

Laguna, Philippines. 2 January 2009. 10:40 am.

A Pregnant’s Top 10 List…

After being deprived of sunshine, shopping from malls,  a computer and  internet access, I had emerged from my 2nd trimester with my sanity intact.

I had learned and realized several things during the past 7 months ….

pregnant10.  Internet is a necessity.

9.    Blessed are thou who works and earns during pregnancy.

8.  Parenting is a never-ending responsibility.

7.  A 7-month fetus moves like an octopus catching a prey inside of you.

6.  Fantasizing about your baby is an exhilarating feeling.

5.  Being pregnant without your husband around is like living with a part of your body missing.

4.  Television is mind-numbing and fattening.

3.  Blessed are thou who had finished at least a single project of cross stitch.

2.  Coffee. So near, yet so far.

1.  A pregnant mother develops her maternal psyche and instincts as her child inside develops the basic of body parts.   Ergo,  the mother herself  is a fetus in the womb of Life.